Anne Mailey

I value an artwork becoming a secret ritual or an afterthought in daily life compared to the spectacle and formality of a public viewing experience. Observations from working in museums as a receptionist and in residential homes as a cleaner sculpted this belief and the interplay of private and public in my practice. At times, the audience’s role is redefined as a wearer or maker, and they have agency over the direction of the work as it follows them throughout the day. Within the co-authorship structure, I enjoy not knowing the totality of the work and facilitating an inward experience for others. My background in reiki, a healing practice involving gentle touch, led me to consider textiles in contact with the body as a healing source too. Through touch, an exchange occurs between person and object, and a wearer’s imprint remains on the fabric. When exhibited, my projects become ephemeral installations comprised of readily available materials composed with care and humor.