Nathaniel Donnett

Nathaniel Donnett is a cultural practitioner who lives and works in Houston, TX and New Haven, CT. Donnett's practice occupies both metaphysical and phenomenological spaces. Donnett applies refusal strategies by cultivating his oeuvre, inserting polyrhythms into the poetics of the everyday. His work challenges traditional modes of linear timeline narratives through radical fractal theory, the black aesthetic tradition, notions of incompleteness, and ideas of pursuance.


Cutting across various disciplines- such as drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, public art, photography, video, and performance, Donnett explores what it means to recontextualize materials and meaning. Dark imaginarence, a neologism Donnett coined (imagining the experience or experiencing the imagination), allows one to question culture, socio-political concerns, and identity while considering the uncertainty within the unknown.