Patricia Orpilla

MFA Painting/Printmaking 2022

Referencing architectural phenomena, historical narrative, and semiotics, I create textiles, objects, paintings, and prints. Using an interdisciplinary process, I create spatial and bodily poetry to engage my interests in record-keeping and material culture, or the "life of objects." Who is permitted authorship and what is allowed to survive or be preserved is an historical question I have about power, but I am also interested in the question of self-reflexivity. I believe old, defunct, or obsolete technologies can illuminate our present conditions. I reflect on speed as a material and metaphor related to the human condition, and why the field of sociology emerged following, or in response to, the Industrial Revolution. My research typically starts from the autobiographical and then moves into the historical. I gravitate towards themes around movement, migration, circulation, expansion, mechanization, colonization and the psychological impact of various social conditions. I view language and religion as records within these various phenomena.