Jannick Deslauriers

Jannick Deslauriers is a Canadian artist known for her sculptures which explore the ethereal and fragility through the construction of delicate yet intricate translucent objects. Consisting of sheer fabrics and steel, the sculptures are left intentionally unfinished and sometimes even visibly damaged, torn or frayed, as if the object had been frozen in a stage of decay or disappearance. The artist draws on a collective imagination and memory that is archived online – images of demolished gadgets, detailed and general views of vehicles, historic plans of ejectable seat and flying machine, digital blueprints of futuristic buildings. This rigorous research informs her creation of structures that support, adapt and extend from the body. Artifacts, which tantalize with their promise of access to history, are often locked in a notion of pastness. We project onto them a phantasmagoria that splinters from the seemingly neutral present. Grounding her artistic investigation along a spatial axis, Jannick Deslauriers activates the unsteady boundaries of sites to allow for a haunting past to cast into the future.